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 Naples and Pompeii

 Every day at 7:15

The best way to reach Naples and have a complete look of the town from the centre until the panoramic zone in a short time. Pick-up at the hotel, station or at the port in Sorrento at 7:15 and departure to Naples, sightseeing of about 2 hours with a small group; tour led by a professional guide and operated with little minibuses. Stops at the Cathedral to visit its treasure Chapel with a charming baroque style and S.Restituta basilica, the first paleochristian church which dates back to IVth century A.D. Drive to Plebiscite Square to see the front of the Royal Palace and the beautiful church of  St. Francesco di Paola in its neoclassic style. Drive to the town Hall Square where’s the New Castle built by French family of Anjou and end at Posillipo on a terrace to get the best view of the city on Naples.  Go on with transfer to Pompeii to explore one of the most fascinating places of Naples environs under the narration of a professional guide. In roman time Pompei was a rich and populated town, full of private and public buildings. On a summer's day in 79 A.D, the entire town and around 20.000 of its inhabitants were buried under tons of ash and pumice because of a violent explosion of Mt Vesuvius. A shower of very fine ash was deposited everywhere to a depth of more than six meters, enveloping everything and adhering to the forms of the bodies and of their clothes. Almost 2.000 years later, you have the opportunity to discover the everyday life of the Imperial Age and imagine the panic of the people before the city was so disastrously buried. In two walking tour, your guide will show you fascinating places such as The Forum, Thermal Baths, Lupanare and Vetti's House with it's beautiful frescos. This is a trip not to be missed for any visitor to this region of Italy. After the visit, free time for 10/15 minutes for shopping. Departure to Sorrento and return to the hotel at around 14:30.

euro 85 per person, price is inclusive of: transfers, tickets and guide

castel dell'ovo - (Naples)

galleria Umberto I - (Naples)

il Duomo - (Naples)

archaeological site (Pompeii)

archaeological site (Pompeii)

archaeological site (Pompeii)

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