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What is a daily tour

Are you on cruise? Just one day to visit Naples? Choose a Daily Tour with PNS!

PNS has been one of the first tourist organizations in the city Naples to create year-round daily tours that depart from city hotels to all the major tourist attractions of the area.

The group tour allows for lower prices to visit the most beautiful places of the Campania region, always accompanied by a knowledgeable and authorized guide.

The number of visitors that enjoy the daily tour is usually low, due to the fact that the tour happens daily, and therefore it is easier to follow the directions and explanations of the guide. this guarantees  the highest quality of the service received in relation to the price paid.

PNS always guarantees an optimal service, splitting groups if necessary because of the number of tourist participating in the tour of because of linguistic reasons (never more than 2 languages in one group), and finally if pick ups are separated by too long a distance between them. Furthermore, in case anyone group (or single) wishes to visit sites not regularly included in the daily list, and for more demanding guests, PNS is available to organize private tours for any and all areas of the Region.

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