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PNS is a tourist service agency founded on 1996 by an idea of two brothers, Enzo & Claudio who enthusiastic to tell to the whole world the beauties of Naples begun at first for a game and sense of hospitality to show to their friends the charming of this land. The passion and the enthusiasm of that time with the experience and proficiency acquired in these years make Project Napoli Service a trusted provider which can satisfy every requirement of the ones who, for holiday or work, has to travel to Naples and around Campania Region.


He's the marketing sales, the one who day by day follows the business. Graduated in engineering of transports with the main target to prove to the people that it's not rhetorical to claim that Naples is the place more beautiful and hospitable of the world.




He's the accountant of the agency, the one who care about the balance of the books. Graduated in economics, keen on languages, speaks reasonable French, English and Spanish. Strictly convinced on tourist natural bent of our land.



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